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About me

Stefan Ekberg

I have worked in marketing for small business for 21 years and have written 34 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources.

I wrote "The 5 minute marketer" as a challenge. My customers (about 60,000) are very impatient and have less and less time to read books. I wanted to show all small businesses what they can do to get better results with just five minute fixes. When the book was released in Sweden the reactions where direct: Small business owners loved it because they didn't have to read an entire book about something, just flip up a page and try something out. This book is our bestseller with over 30,000 sold copies (in a small country like Sweden thats pretty much).

Every day some 20, 000 business get my free newsletter about 5 minute marketing where they get one tip that they could implement right away, within 5 minutes of course . I also run Redaktionen, Sweden’s hottest publishing company for entrepreneurs In 2012 we where nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

As a small business owner for two decades I have encountered all the problems small businesses are up against and I am well known in Sweden for showing small business the shortcuts to business solutions.

Earlier in my career I was head writer at several major Swedish television soap operas which taught me to solve problems fast and get to the point quickly (When writing soap opera pace is scary fast and the truth is that you get fired if you do not supply good material every day and every week).

Enough about me!

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