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Tips on becoming better at recieving criticism

Today we'll look more closely at how good you are at receiving criticism. It can determine how much information you get from your staff.

Here are some things that makes it easier to deal with criticism:

1.”Cowboy up”
Don't complain. Shit happens to every single one of us, so just deal with it. The best way to accept criticism is to not respond to it directly, instead you should let it marinate a little so next time someone criticizes you eye to eye, tell them you will think about what he/she has said and get back to him/her later with your own thoughts. If you decide to make it a reflex to not answer the criticism directly, you have all the chances to make it more intelligent instead of reacting like a child and just defending yourself on the spot.

2. Consider the purpose of criticism
If the person who criticized you have used nasty words and hard language, you should think about what criticism is really about and try to determine what it is that has motivated the person criticizing you. There is a big difference between giving criticism that is intended to help and that is designed to just pick a fight with you.

3. Look for the truth
Do you think the criticism is justified? If yes - consider what you can do to rectify the situation and make a plan for it. This changes you from feeling like a victim to someone taking control of the situation. Your plan might contain something you need to do better next time.

4. Bring the plan and a good mood to the person criticizing you
By receiving criticism as an adult with the desire to solve a problem, you will also make life easier for those who handed out the criticism. Most people are afraid to give feedback and if you show that you're a bigger person, your communication with the environment will improve.

About the author

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