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Tips on additional selling

Many people who sell things or services are overly anxious to try to sell more to their customers.
I don't understand why it would be wrong to recommend clients to invest in things that will help them to move forward.
The truth is that you know a lot about what you sell and what you can offer as a complement to make the deal even better for your customers.

You already know that I believe in long-term relationships with customers. For me, that means I'd rather tell a customer that they should buy a particular book from us instead of making them unhappy and scoop home some extra money today. I think if we just listen to our customers, we will be able to help them and still make money soon enough by developing the right tools in book form for each customer.

With that said, here are some tips on what you can do to stop being so shy about trying to sell more of the right things/services to your customers:

1. Offer your customers a discount if they buy more than one of the same product.
Many customers who need what you sell in the future will appreciate it.

2. Give your customers a discount if they commit to purchase more in the future.
Same as point 1 - everyone likes to save money on things they still need to have.

3. Always include information on additional purchases with delivery.
Customers don't always know what else that can make their lives easier.

4. Sell ​​a basic product and offer your customers an upgrade to a better version.
Many customers are testing the cheaper version first and when they are feeling more secure, go for the larger version.

5. If you sell on the Internet - show additional products associated with the purchase.
Customers who are interested in a particular thing often want to have a truly complete solution.

6. Send a gift to your clients in connection with brochure mailings.
The gift reminds them of a provider that cares about the relationship.

7. Give a discount over a certain number/certain sum.
Everyone loves a good deal.

8. Print your web address on all your products.
It makes it easy for customers to find their way back to you.

9. Place a finished completed order form for the next purchase at the bottom of the box with the product you delivered.
Customers will be happy if you facilitate their daily life.

10. Give customers opportunities to purchase more of your products for a special package price. Give the packs a nice name that appeals to your intended target.
A full package often feels more complete and many people like to get the complete solution.

11. Provide special offers to regular customers.
Nothing is as nice as being positively discriminated. I love to feel important for suppliers. Don't you?

12. Collaborate with businesses that complement yours, so you can reach each other's customers with the good things that make life easier and better for both party's customers.
Customers can get help with the problem directly without thinking (I enjoy people who take care of things, so that I don't have to think myself).

13. Offer customers taste samples of your products and give them an offer for the full version with the sample.
We want to feel secure and you can help us to feel secure.

14. Offer customers a more complete version of what you sell than what your competitors offer (free installation assistance, free home delivery, etc).
Providers who understand that we want the whole package will win in the long run.

15. Please offer your knowledge - customers will remember you the next time it's time to buy.
It's always nice to feel that is dealing with generous businesses and generous people. If I know that I will be treated well by you, you will be #1 in your area - at least in my heart.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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