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The biggest secret to succeed as an entrepreneur

If you have come up with something that enough people are willing to pay you for - you've come up with a good business idea.   When you buy something in a store, you do that because what you buy is worth more to you than the money you lose at the time. It's not more complicated than that. You want that thing more than you want the money in your wallet. That means that anyone who finds something that makes enough people willing to part with their money over, have found a successful business idea. It's that simple really.

It sounds obvious, but if you only knew how many people out there do not think this through before they start a businesses, you'd be shocked. They are so eager to start a company that they don't bother to find out if they can get enough customers to keep the business alive. Some people open a store just because a locale happens to be vacant in the vicinity of where they live (?!) Others start a business because they are great at something special and don't bother to find out if there are people who want to pay for that knowledge. There are also many people who start a business without thinking about whether there are other similar businesses that sell the same thing at a cheaper price. It's great that you are eager to start a business, but if you can't find enough people who want to pay for what you sell, you have no business. Never forget that. Never ever!

You always start a business for your customers' sake, not for your own good.
That's the way it is. It's the customers who decide whether you will make any money or not. Every time they pay you for anything, it's like they vote in favor of your company to be allowed to remain in business for just a little longer. This is why you should always think about the customers when you plan for something in your business. Will the customers appreciate and pay for what you offer? If yes, then go for it! Always ask your customers before you start. Always? Yes, always!

This is the greatest secret behind any success for an entrepreneur and here’s where you’ll find  something really scary: Half of all the businesses that started today are gone in three years. Many of them would have been alive if only the business owners had thought of his/her customers first. Always think of the customers first. Customers need to understand why it's good for them to give you their money. Always? Yes, always!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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