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The customer is always right - really?

Is the customer always right? No, of course not, but as a business owner you are part of that agreement the second you start your business. Customers have a right because they have the money your business needs and hence the power over your company's future.

The customer is always right because the customer has the power - it's that simple.

Tiresome? – No, good!
The great thing about starting a business and having the right approach to the phrase ”the customer is always right” is that if you live by that motto, it will pay off. A grumpy customer who really have other problems and just want to bark a bit because he/she feels miserable, you can turn into your best customer just because you understood him/her.

The customer isn't always right
As an entrepreneur you have to have a different approach to what is right. Your job is to make your customers happy – not only so that they decide to hire you or buy your goods, but also so they’ll talk far and wide with everyone they know about how well received they will be if they do business with your company.

The customer should feel that he/she is entitled to be right
“Anyone who can't smile shouldn't open a shop” is an old Chinese proverb that I like because it says so much about how to succeed as an entrepreneur. Think for yourself - there are certainly companies that you prefer to buy from and others that you can't imagine giving your money to. If you think about these companies, you will probably come to the conclusion that they are good to deal with. They listen to what you say. They treat you like the important person you are for them. They feel like your only natural choice.
“The customer is always right” is the key to success
Think for yourself: What would happen if you created a company where the customer is always right? What would happen if you made sure that all your customers feel that they are right when they come to your store? Customers would pour in because it's so rare to be truly well treated as a customer nowadays.

Sometimes I think that a lot of people lack the confidence to give great service. Sometimes I think that people who work with service feel that their job is demeaning. I don't know why. It's great to help other people and it's also exactly this that can get your new business stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitor's dreary treatment of customers. It allows you to earn money in order to get your business to thrive - and all just by recognizing that the customer is always right.

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Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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