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The art of facing and conquering fears as an entrepreneur

Everyone I know who has started a company have come face to face with their fears. Me, too.
For you to find it easier to manage your fears, I would like to share some smart things that will make everything you are afraid of easier to handle.

1. It's okay to think that it's scary
The first step is to not deny your fears about throwing yourself out there into uncertainty. It's okay to feel a little funky when starting your own business, actually it's good because it shows that you take it seriously. Accept that certain amounts of fear and anxiety will always be your buddies in entrepreneurship. Anything that is stimulating and exciting is a bit dicey at first. Fear keeps you sharp. Just don't let it take control of what you want to do. Sometimes fear and worry sits in front of you and hurls insults at you. Sometimes fear creeps up in the back of your head and whispers;”You'll never make it.”But don't give in. Fear can be overcome and mastered. Realize and accept that fear exists so it won't become your boss.

2. Think about what you want
When you feel thoughts of doubt swirling in your head, turn it around and concentrate on what you want, rather than what you are worried about. See yourself getting what you want to get. Fantasize about what it'll be like when you get it. Visualize the new house. Visualize your freedom. Visualize what your critics will say when you've succeeded and proven them wrong. Visualize yourself doing what you like to do instead of what you hate doing now. Simply tame your fears by highlighting your dreams. This will make uncertainty weaker and your confidence stronger.

3. Change the inner voice
When you hear yourself say that you aren't good enough, that you won't make it - then you condemn yourself to failure. Change everything you hear your own voice say and instead, let someone who you don't like very much say the same things to you in their voice. You will get angry, right? Sometimes anger is good for motivation!

4. Tell a really good friend about your concerns
It's always good to talk to a smart person who can give input or just listen. If you don't have such a resource in the vicinity, there are plenty of networks to join where there are plenty of people facing the same challenges. Whatever you do – don't go to the people who doubted and told you it's insane and dangerous to start a business. Those are the people you should avoid since they will only bring negative things (once you are successful, they will have usually and quite strangely forgotten that they were so negative).

5. Get yourself a library of good books to get support from
Good books on starting a business can be a friend who will remove your worries and show you how to do things faster and more efficiently, instead of just worrying about problems that aren't even real yet.

6. Just do it - and challenge your fears!
I always think like this: “What do I want and what is the first step to take to get there?” Then I take that small step. Once you have taken the first step, ask the question again: “What is the next natural step?”And suddenly, you've got the momentum. Are you with me? Good.

I hope you got through this article. It's just as scary to start your own business as it is to do lots of other things that you haven't done before. But don't worry. Fear will pass. Soon you will have control. I promise.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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