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Stress at work - how to manage it

Now you will get some tips on what you can do to better manage stress in the workplace.

Stress at work - 15 tips that will help you become less stressed

1. Start thinking about problems as challenges. Seeing the problem as anything you'll need to defeat is actually fun. Instead of sighing over your problems, see the problem as a challenge and make sure you win.

2. Set aside some play time each day at work. You might like to play a certain game, read a particular blog or do anything else that makes you feel good. It's important to have things to look forward to and not just dream about the holidays that are four months away.

3. Create a private long term goal. What will you get out of working here for a year? Where will you be then? What do you want? Goals helps against stress at work.

4. Create a ”whining partnership” with a friend. You will agree to always listen to each other's whining and wailing for five minutes every day.

5. Create a plan B. When you're working with something big and crucial it can be extremely stressful to bet everything on one card. Make a Plan B secretly if the worst should happen. Knowing that you have a plan B will make you calmer.

6. Learn what your limitations are – it's just as important as getting to know your strengths – and it also teaches others which limitations you have.

7. Remember that there are always alternatives. You can always quit. You can also educate yourself and become your boss' boss. It's all about wanting to change your situation. Realize that there is always a logical step for you to take that gives you more power over your working life.

8. Stop trying to fix other people at work. You can't. The only thing you can control is your own thoughts and actions. The idiot at work who always angers you, you can't do anything about. If you think that, it simply creates even more stress.

9. Don't fight changes. Refusing to deal with new technology, new trends and new ways of doing things will just make you feel overtaken and disconnected. Instead you should become a person who learns to use the new and who keeps up with the times. This will make you feel less stressed every day. Go to industry meetings and lectures and make sure you are updated and simultaneously make contact with others who also have the same attitude.

10. Be proactive. I love the word “proactive” and use it too often, but it contains so much good to be able to live more stress-free. Take the initiative and make sure that it's you who are in charge as much as you can. People who are guided by the ideas of others are much more stressed than others.

11. Remember that there is always a tomorrow. It doesn't matter how bad your day has been, always think of that when you come home. You can always go to bed and start fresh again tomorrow.

12. Get a massage. Massage relieves stress and creates calm in both mind and body. If you run your own business, deduct the cost. If you are employed, you can negotiate your way to a massage at least twice a month. There's now also very good technical aids, such as a Shiatsu massage cushion for the back that you can use in the office. I use my cushion at least once a day.

13. Cuddle with a dog. It's proven that dog owners have lower blood pressure and feel more relaxed. It's not surprising. Who can resist cuddling with a cute, lovely dog?

14. Develop yourself. Acquire new knowledge or learn how to do something in a better way than you do today. Your new knowledge will give you new, useful skills, but also make you feel good and it helps you to chase away the stress from your workplace

15. Write a diary. Put down what you have eaten, if you have trained and how you feel. It's a great way to find out what makes you tired, happy, angry and relaxed.


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