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Store Advertising – how to make the perfect signs

The signage will not only contribute to the store's image, but also sell the products. Signs that are just fancy won't do you any good. Props that don't support the ideas behind the products may be fun, but not always selling. You have to be strict with yourself here.

When your customers walk in the street outside the store, you have maybe three seconds to talk about what they can find in the store if they enter. When they go into the store they constantly get all signals of what the store stands for. What's the message you want to send to them? Professional signs attract customers to try your products and the opposite – stupid and sloppy made signs send negative messages about your store and your products. A common problem in most stores is that there are too many signs, too many ambiguities in the text and images, typos, or that they are so artistic (messy) that they are difficult to read.

Act like a customer before you decide what the signs should look like.

All stores actually consist of a collection of sales points and you have to figure out what your selling stations should look like before you make the signs. You need to think about that, not just smack up signs onto a wall that happens to be empty. Instead, you must walk around the store and think about what customers are doing right where you stand now. Which way will he/she probably be looking? What will they be thinking about when they are here? Right here, people will move pretty fast, so the message must be short and to the point. At a certain point maybe people will look more closely and then your messages can be more detailed. You also have to think about what you want people to consider when they are at a certain commodity. By the towels you might put up signs about the soap you also sell. At checkout, they might stand in line and wait for awhile. This is where you can give people a longer message on your signs.

Store Advertising - Billboards can do the job:

• They can provide price information.
• They can provide the product information.
• They can lead customers to different products, special offers or services.
• They can promote upcoming events in the store.
• They can complement the story you started telling in the shop window.

You can have different types of signs:

• They can be fixed signs on the walls that tell us which part of the store we're in.
• They can be electronic signs with a running message about special events right now or in the future.
• They can be a seasonal emphasis with special offers for the season, sales or weekends.
• They can be in the form of clear price tags on the products with the store's name on it.
• They can be specially designed for different locations, such as the cash area.
• They can stand alone or hang on walls, shelves or stand on a table.
• They can be in various forms such as hearts, circles, stars, etc.

And everyone should have the same purpose – to support your sales. That's why you have them.

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Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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