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Simple tips that will motivate you to sell more

Today you'll get some quick tips that I hope will motivate you during next week.

1. Inspire yourself
Get inspired every day by reading articles, books and great tips on selling to make you feel that you belong to a group who are grappling with the same challenges - and that you're not alone.

2. Find a goal you really want to reach
Focus on your objectives when it's tough to sell. Write down why you want to achieve the goals and they will stick much better and support you more. Once you know clearly what it will mean for you to achieve the goals, it will be easier to call the customer prospect number 44 even if the other 43 have said “no, thanks.”

3. Realize that you are your worst enemy
We are experts at letting our inner voices bring us down and tell us to give up, to convince us that we can't do this or that. If you had a friend who said the same things to you that you tell yourself,  you'd never consider that person a friend, would you?
Of course not!
Be prepared to say;”Oh, now you're here again” as soon as you try to bring yourself down.

4. Get back in the saddle right away if you fall off
Make it a routine to keep moving forward no matter what happens. It's tough to be a salesman and the mistakes you make are completely natural. Get up, brush off the dust and get back in the saddle again. This is the way it is - for everyone who succeeds!

5. Visualize your sale goals better
If you can visualize what it looks like when you reach your sale goals, what happens, how happy you will be and how good it will feel, you will automatically become much more motivated. Close your eyes and think about how nice it will be to reach that goal.

6. Notice what you do every day
If it works for you - it does for me - write a job diary where you write down everything you have done today to get closer to the target. The trick here is that you will be able to see what you have done and that creates a desire to do more things that you can enter to show yourself how good you are - and it'll also prove that it made a difference that you actually went to work today.

7. Enjoy the competition
Many sellers like to win and if you work in a group with other sellers, they can spur you to want to become the best in the group. If you run your own business, you can aim for a larger competitor that you want to win over.

8. Tell others about your goals
Sometimes it's good to create external pressure. If you tell everyone you know about your goals for the year, talk about it on Facebook or Twitter and tell it to your spouse, your friends and to everyone - you will see that it gets you going.

9. Think positive
Yes, that's an old cliché that has become so worn out that it'll almost make you fall asleep, but there is something that has been forgotten. To be aware of your own thoughts makes a huge difference and to learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones actually works. Try it today. As soon as you think of something negative, shake the thought off and think of something good, fun and constructive instead. It works.

Go on now, I'll talk to you again soon!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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