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Service Marketing - Marketing for service

The most important service business owners need to learn about marketing is that customers buy expertise, not things. That is why they must be aware that you are the expert - and they may well be a little impressed.

That is why we are going to market you first! YOU must get the attention. The more visible you are, the more you can charge per hour. And the more you are visible, the more customers will automatically find you. The funny thing is that it's easier than you think to become, if not the only expert in a wide area, the only expert in a niche or in the worst case - one of the leading experts in the industry.

So - you may soon be:

1. The only expert in the industry.
Or ...
2. The only expert in a niche.
Or ...
3. One of the most influential experts in the industry.

Anyway, you won't be anonymous anymore, but known to more people and in an easy manner. The reason for taking such an approach is that people (ie. you and I) love experts. The media is full of them and the customers are drawn to them because they are considered the best. Often it's suffice that a newspaper interview you and they'll want to call you an expert because it shows that they got hold of the right person to talk to. Experts are good. Experts make more money. And you should become an expert by following these instructions:

Step 1. Determine a niche for your service marketing
Pick out an attractive niche in your field and be the best at it. It's easier to become an expert in a well defined area than to claim that you can do everything. You just have to log on into the next leadership consultant's website to see how they try to be everything to everyone. Instead of signaling focus, they show that they may know a little about many things, but not a lot about anything in particular.
The beauty is that if you choose a niche (one that you like and that others want to pay for), you will also become a real expert in the field

Step2. Learn everything, everything, everything about your niche for your service marketing
Read all the books, attend all seminars and contribute with your own experience. Simply – be the leader in this area. Subscribe to magazines, newsletters, talk to customers and make sure that you live up to your title as an expert.

Step3. Write about what you know for your service marketing
Once you have determined your niche, it's time to start writing articles about your field. Magazines, newsletters, radio programs and websites are constantly looking for unique and information-packed articles to publish. If you can write articles that teach readers about your line of business, you will find lots of places to publish them. I can use myself as an example. My specialist area is marketing for small business owners and when I began to write articles with practical tips on marketing for small businesses five years ago, it took only a week before other media approached me. Today I run expert courses in several magazines, I write articles in other publications and I face new opportunities to appear in interviews almost every day. All this leads to an expert role, which in turn leads to increased sales of all the books that my company puts out. The great thing with this is that for every article I write, I get better in my area - so it's both sales promotion and knowledge-enhancing at the same time. Go ahead – do this yourself - it won't take long before your name will be the first that journalists think of when your line of business appear in their media. And, you guessed it - the same goes for those who will become your customers. It's won't be long before customers and other people begin to contact you, both because they want to buy your stuff or because they want to listen to you and your ideas in other ways, such as through lectures.

Step 4. Speak as often as you can
95% of all your competitors are too nervous to stand on a podium and tell people about what they do. Therefore, when you enter the stage and talk what you want to talk in the way you would talk about it, please do so as 95% of your competitors wish they could do it that way and that they were as brave as you. You will get a role as an expert in your area by giving speeches. If you find it hard to speak to groups - take a course. Get rid of your fears. It will be worth it because very few things make such an impression on potential customers as a person who can talk about his/her field and make other people feel comfortable and secure just by listening to him/her. Your job is to look for opportunities to be where your potential customers are. And if you focus on a niche that many want to know more about, it won't be difficult to find opportunities to speak about it.

Step 5. Create a platform for your niche
You can write a book, produce an informative brochure or create a website with information about your area - everything is platforms to showcase your expertise and it's imperative to gain your customer's confidence. You can also make your own seminars. Another way is to create your own product, something concrete that the customers can use and that supports your services better. Everything shows your commitment to your field and commitment creates new clients almost automatically. Customers want to find a provider who is passionate about their field, someone who spends time and money on it and that really shows your customers that they have reached the right place.

Get started with your service promotion now!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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