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Secret tips to give you the company´s very best confidence

You probably already know that self-confidence (genuine or just acted out) plays a huge role for achieving success at work. When you exude confidence, people will notice you. People listen, they follow and they even buy things from you. To demonstrate self-confidence is the same as to show the world that you know what you are doing

So imagine that you have just started a new job or started doing something new at work where you are now – usually you don't have the best confidence in those situations. You don't really know what you're doing, you don't feel all that comfortable with the routines and you may not have had time to establish a relationship with your fellow employees, either.

There are some simple tricks that can help you get through this phase and here they are:

Fake it till you make it
Confidence is all about what others see and to act as if you have the world's best self-confidence will cause you no problems to be perceived as confident. You know what it's like when you feel a little down and for some reason you can't allow people to notice it. On the contrary, you must act happy and positive and pretend that nothing is wrong - in most cases you are perceived as very happy and positive and the behavior is contagious and in the end it'll actually make you happy and positive, too. It's all about thinking patterns - to behave as you want to be perceived (No, I'm not friend of locking up my emotions or becoming a “Teflon man”- I'm talking about using the knowledge when it's needed).

Soak in you all the knowledge you can and learn how to ask questions
Confidence comes naturally to those who know a lot about something. The best sellers are the ones who can answer questions about the smallest details of the products they sell. When you know a lot about what you sell, you can focus all your energy on selling instead of worrying about being nailed against a wall of questions that you can't answer. Ask questions yourself and thereby show that you are a thinking and interesting person

Remove all negative thoughts that oppress yourself
Nothing depresses you as much as an ever nagging negative monologues that says ”You can't do this,” ”You're not good enough ...”Why aren't you?
Tell the idiot in your head to shut up once and for all. You can do anything as well as anyone else. Probably even better.

Look like the confident person you want to look like
It's hard, but the truth is this – It's the way you dress, smell, talk, walk and behave that will  establish how other people will perceive you. When you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, you feel much safer and stronger.

OK, that was just a bunch of certainties, don't you think? Well, in that case you already know how to act as if you have the best self-confidence in the world, right …?

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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