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PR = have an opinion, make a stand

Today there was an article about my new book, ”Junior Entrepreneurs” published in a magazine.

The article is a great example that you don't always get what you want as a PR manager.

The book I wanted them to write about is about what children and young people can do to earn their money by starting their own small businesses. The article however talks more about how I think that all children, including my own, are spoiled brats.

The journalist chose an angle that I can't do anything about and this happens all the time. The journalist writes what he/she wants and the simple reason is that it's not his/her job to publish a free ad for my book, but to give their readers something interesting to read, something that they will appreciate and tickle their minds and imagination.

That's why the paper makes me seem like a slave driver already in the title:
”Put the children to work!” (That's fun for a newspaper to print.)

And it's partially true. I really do think that children and youngsters can make a little bit of an effort sometimes, but I'm not a rabid child-hater either – I see work as something that would spur them on, something that would inspire, encourage and teach young people to do things for themselves, to take initiative and grow with that (But all that's just lukewarm content for a newspaper to write about).

The article continues:
”Kids born in the 1990's will grow up to become an insufferable generation.”
(That's fun for a newspaper to print.)

The article didn't bother to include that I actually said:
”One can easily believe that kids born in the 1990's will grow up to become an insufferable generation of people, but history has shown that people from all generations tend to grow up and put themselves to good use, no matter what their predecessors have said.” (But that's also just lukewarm for a newspaper to print.)

So what do we learn from this that will also give us more column space?
Journalists are the least interested in writing about your products or give a more nuanced picture of your opinions. They want to report about something unique that you have to come up with and that can somehow be connected to your product. The news you send out must stand out. It has to make the journalist reading it go: “Holy shit!” Even if that occasionally means that you have to take the fall or the blame for something not so pleasant, but that's all part of the bargain!

Never forget that when you send out your press releases - make it stand out! Make sure you have a strong opinion, and stick to it. Make it fun, make it crazy, make it bold and daring.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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