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Nine ways to get important things done now!

Let's face it. We're all lazy, both you and me.
Postponing things is a habit that many of us have worked into sheer perfection. It comes natural to find excuses to avoid having to do things or to get started with something that feels boring, but necessary.

Breaking free from this behavior requires a lot of self-discipline and there are few who have it. That's just the way it is. We all work hard to avoid boring things. We want to do fun things instead - all the time in a perfect world.

Today you'll get a few tips on how to you fight the sluggard in you and get things done. Doesn't it sound like fun?

Nine ways to get important things done now!

1. Stop thinking
Many times we think too much about what we should/must do. The result is that thinking too much before doing them often make things more complicated than they really are. Stop thinking and get going instead - sluggard!

2. Make a quick list of priorities
Knowing what's important to get done and why creates a feeling that the task is worth doing.

3. Plan ahead
If you know that a particular task needs to be done, plan for it some time before you need to get started. If you have a special time set aside to do it, there a much bigger chance that you will actually do it – no matter how boring it is.

4. Take care of the most boring task first
Once you have prioritized and planned your job - start by looking at the most difficult task first. It's the task that you already know you will be tempted to do some other day. If you bite into the most boring task first, everything else will become so much easier to handle.

5. Break down large tasks into smaller parts
To divide a large job into small, manageable pieces not only makes the goal more realistic and manageable, it also frees you from stress.

6. Ignore your fears
Fear is a common reason for procrastination. You might be afraid to meet a person, afraid of the result, afraid of a situation and feel that it's best to postpone it. If you haven't been to the dentist in three years, just call. If you haven't paid a bill and need to postpone the payment - contact the creditor. If you need to talk to your boss about something and are worried about what the boss will say - ignore what your fears tell you. Just do it! You will feel much better afterwards.

7. Give yourself a time buffer
When you start with what you should do - make sure you give yourself some extra time to get back to the task when it's completed to see if there is anything additional you need to do. If you have this extra time available, you will be less afraid of making mistakes.

8. Focus
When you do something, stay focused and let nothing disturb you. If you give yourself a short break for example, to check your emails, chances are that you will start postponing it again. Avoid anything that distracts you.

9. Reward yourself
When you do something that you have put off for a long time, give yourself a pat on the shoulder. You just did what most people do - handle things that are annoying, boring and tough. Well done.

These are just a few examples of how you can stop procrastinating and start doing things. Use the tips – or ignore them and keep putting things off for a yet a little while!

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