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Nine tips on how to write better sales texts on the website

How good are you at writing stuff that really sells on your website?
Far too many companies rely too much on the texts they receive from suppliers and they just cut and paste and hope that'll do the trick. Others don't think that they can produce a text that really convinces their visitors to make a purchase.

That's too bad, because it's not that hard. And there are actually some principled talented copywriters who used to keep visitors' interest all the way up to the point where we actually start buying.

I will reveal them now. Are you ready?

1. Write great headlines
Good headlines convince readers that you have something to say, that it's worthwhile to hear what you want to tell them. I have read figures that say that only two out of ten readers go beyond the title of an individual page. The title is like the gateway to the text you write, and it must be amazing.

The title is to show that what you say is:
• Useful - it must promise that we will soon be able to read something exciting and useful.
• Urgent - your readers are busy. Give them super strong reasons to read further.
• Unique - why is your offer so amazing? Prove it! (Cover as much of this as possible in each line).

2. Only make promises that you can keep
When a visitor has read your headline he/she will think;”if I read any further - will it make me smarter/richer/ happier?”
Therefore, if you promise the reader ”Nine tips on how to write better sales texts on the website”, you must keep that promise!

3. Prove that you are telling the truth
You can use quotes from satisfied customers, link to an article that proves that you are telling the truth,  provide statistics or surveys that support your claims. Evidence makes your readers happy and secure.

4. Don't be shy
There are others selling the same or similar things and they are also competing for your customers' money. Show people how good your products are, but do it based on the customer's needs and what he/she can benefit from by doing business with you.

5. Makes lists
Making list with benefits, properties or points is good because it's easy to read and perfect for quickly getting an overall picture of your business.

6. Make it fun to read
It is important to give information in your texts but you can do it in different ways. If your lyrics feel like long lectures, readers are very easily bored. However, if you weave in a personal appeal, a little humor and a sympathetic attitude into the lyrics so our stop may last a little longer.

7. Keep it short and to the point
Less is more. Don't babble page after page, just focus on the important things. What is it the customer really wants to know? Tell them this, keep it short and to the point. If they want more information, refer to your website.
The moment a reader feels that reading any further is just a waste of time, he/she is gone – and so is your opportunity to do business!
8. Address real people
Many people work hard to fill their texts with keywords to satisfy Google. Write texts that make sense to people and add the keywords with priority in a smooth and tasteful way to the text. This will make both your readers and Google happier.

9. Make it easy to move on
If you have written your text so well that the reader stayed to the end, you must make sure that there is a natural way to proceed - to call you, to order or do anything else that you want the reader to do. And you have to make it ridiculously easy. Like for example, make a reference the same way I do now:
“Read more articles about the internet here”...


About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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