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Mowing and marketing are the same - almost

I once read that there are people who judge other people by the way they move. How fast people walk, eat and do everyday things determines how quickly they will understand things – at least according to certain people.

Once upon a time I worked the night-shift at a prison where I had a competition to cook the best food (apropos treatment of prisoners) together with another guard and an inmate. There we were on Thursday evenings in a crowded pantry and we soon learned that the inmate judged people by whether they followed the recipe or ran a bit freely. I was more creative than accurate and my colleague was the opposite - according to the inmate who probably just got confused.

I have really longed for creating a nice yardstick similar to that - and I found it last summer when I cut the lawn. People mow lawns differently, have you noticed that? Some have a need to avoid going over the same piece of the lawn more than once and they sweat zealously over logs and stones, however difficult it is.

I start somewhere near the lawnmower shed and attack all the tough areas first - all the edges, all around shrubs and gravel at a time. Then I divide the area into smaller pieces where I can go straight forward and then back. This allows me to just stop thinking about ​​what I'm doing and just get it done. Attack the worst areas first – and now I'm talking about marketing, of course.

So how do you cut the lawn (or tackle marketing)?

What type are you?

1. You read everything about how grass works, about the growth rate, ideal weather conditions, optimum grass height, compared to meteorological facts such as the amount of sunshine hours a year, wind, soil acidity and biological facts about earth-zzzz ... will never get started. You can't live with by the statement: “I'd rather do something good today than something perfect tomorrow”, because it can never be perfect enough to get you started.

2. You like to get the process started, cut for a while and soon you get tired and notice that the trees need to be tended ... and soon you get tired because after a while you discover that the loo needs to be repainted and ...

3. You're waiting for someone else to do it, because it can be such a hassle (and it's true.)

4. You mow the lawn and enjoy every second of the process (Fantasy figure.)

5. You stop cutting because it” might start raining soon”(You can't cut the grass when it rains ie. don't call customers on Fridays, etc.)

6. You start cutting the neighbor's grass instead (you're networking so much that your business suffers.)

7. You are constantly looking for a new lawnmower - a better - smarter - more expensive - but still you let all the models remain in the shed (next to the CRM system.)

8. You get tired of caring, you want results faster and produce a cultivator (spamming your customers) or an asphalt machine instead.

Or ... You think about the reward and the result that comes from a job well done. You are the ideal person to understand how all successful projects works. It's hard to get started, there are lots of obstacles and excuses, but the reward in the lawn case is a cold beer on the porch. In marketing the reward is satisfied clients and a rustling cash register. This is the person we want to be at work and he/she is the one we are trying to get every day. Right?

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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