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Marketing in social media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs. The marketing map has changed.

Today we'll talk about blogs as a possible marketing tool online. For it's certainly true that a blog can be both a fantastic and a totally useless way for you to appear online.

I'm sorry, what did I say? I said that it could be amazing and totally worthless?

Yes, well... how many blogs do you read regularly yourself? I read... none. The reason is that they are often an orgy of the word “I” and this is, of course, wonderful for a person who wants to tell the world what he/she had for breakfast and what he/she really think about the latest news headlines. But is it good marketing for a business? Isn't it instead proof that people seem to have a bit too much free time on their hands?

This is what most blogs are like for me:
“I woke up earlier than usual today and looked out the window. It's snowing outside. I wondered if I should take the blue or red cap. I decided I would make that decision a little later. Oh, what a successful meeting yesterday. All customers cheered. It's great to be so good at what I do. I rock! Now I will expand even further. Nice with all the support I get. Today I'll  meet with a client that I have to help with lots of clever stuff. But first, I ate a decent breakfast. A really nutritious new kind of yoghurt. I never eat the regular yoghurt anymore. They feel so oily. Speaking of which. I still have to start jogging again. I haven't been jogging for a long time now. Whew. But how do I catch up with everything?? I had to have lunch. Got myself two sandwiches with cheese (because I had run out of liver pâté). I took a shower and fed the cat. I'm really fond of the word “I” and I hope no one noticed that this blog contains word the word “I” 21 times.

Talk to you tomorrow again, all my fans!

P.S I chose the blue cap in the end.”

What I mean is that if a blog will serve as a tool, it must at least contain this:
• An original perspective, a personal tone and a strong content that is targeted to your audience.
• It must be updated frequently, preferably every day because that's the whole idea of ​​blogging. And most importantly:
• It must support what you want to sell and do it for real because the blog will help you sell things (otherwise, you can, of course, start a personal blog and just have fun with it).
Blogging, and especially business blogging, places enormous demands on creativity and ability to deliver exciting things that not only affects the target audience, but also sells in a direct or indirect way. That's a tough job to have each day.
Or what do you think?

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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