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How to write better sales texts online

Imagine a person who is looking for what you offer, who enters your website's homepage - what can you offer to make him/her stay? Do you have a website where you brag about yourself, page up and page down (very common) or do you have a website where it's difficult to understand what you offer (also common)? Or do you have a website that already during the very first second, the visitor is greeted in such a way that he/she immediately feels that he/she has entered a friendly place that signals ”You've come to the right place”? That comforts the visitor who right away knows that this is a company that knows its business.

The scary thing is that your website can really deter customers. The wonderful thing, however, is that it can also do the reverse.

The model that works is really very simple:

1. Focus on a problem for the visitors and make it so obvious and alive, that they really can feel the bitter taste.
2. Tell them why it's a problem.
3. Explain in a nice and simple way how your service/product solves the problem – simply put, make sure that the reader wants more of what you can offer.
4. Show the visitor how to take the next step in an easy way.

Simple, right?

Seven tips on how to make customers stay for an hour on your website:

1. Create a header on each page (There is no guarantee that customers come to your start page) that really makes them interested. But don't bother with general business babble, people have heard it all before:
Lowest prices - click, goodbye.
Service-oriented - click, goodbye.

2. Get to the point right away on all pages. It simply means that you must show how you can solve the visitor's problems and meet their needs before they even begin to scroll down the page. Think about it for a moment: Do you give yourself enough time to search for what you're looking for when you know you only need to press a button and get lots of new hits? I don't.

3. Give visitors a quick offer to do something. You want them to do something NOW. If they don't, they will disappear and you lose the opportunity to get a new customer.

4. Offer your visitors a free subscription to a tip letter. It's a must. Give the newsletter an attractive name and tell people what they will get by subscribing. Tell them what's happening with their email addresses, so they won't have to worry that you are going to sell their mail address or start sending them things they don't want.

5. Keep it simple. A common mistake is to have too many graphics and images. Web solutions make it easy to add so much colorful nonsense that it becomes hard to resist sometimes. Try squinting at the screen (yes, do that!). Do you see a main idea and something supporting it - or do you just see lots of colors, shapes, patterns, boxes and other disruptive images? Anything that interferes with the main message of the page should instantly be removed.

6. Give your visitors a reason to return. You can help and stimulate that desire by having up to date information on the website all the time. If visitors log in on October 10th and realize that the last update was made on March 5th, they will know that the website is old and tired and that no one cares about it. But if your latest news is from October, chances are infinitely greater that they think of your website as an active and reliable resource.

7. And why don't people building stuff use before-and-after pictures of the project? Talk about exciting content!

There you have it – make the changes happen now and see the difference already in a month!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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