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How to make selling ads

When did you advertise for new customers lately? Many companies will try to advertise a few times, but feel that it doesn't work properly. Nothing happens.

The truth is that if you have advertised for new customers and are not really happy with the results, you are in good company. Most ads are working in the long term and there are few companies that can hold out financially with utility advertising. But if you want to advertise and ensure that more people respond to your ads in any way, there are smart ways to get that frequency. Here they are:

1. Ask the reader to do something in the ad. Tell the reader that he/she should call, write or contact a specific person, ask for a brochure or an order. You must tell the reader what he/she should do to make them eager to act. It's just fancy advertising agencies who don’t mind wasting the entrepreneur's money that believe they can produce cool ads without thinking that they should also strive to achieve rapid results.

2. Offer free information, a brochure or a catalog.

3. Describe your free brochure or catalog. Talk about what's in it, such as guides that will help people in various ways, tips on usage, assembly instructions or other valuable information.

4. Show a picture of your brochure or catalog in the ad.

5. Give your brochure a name that signals some kind of value: for example, Product Guide or A Planning Tool – in short, something that feels more valuable than the ”Price List” or ”Product Catalogue”.

6. Put a phone number next to a picture of a huge phone and tell the customer that they can call 24/7 and order the brochure through an answering machine if they call after business hours. People reading this might notice the ad in the evening and if you don't tell them that they can call 24/7, they’ll likely decide to call tomorrow but then forget all about it.

7. If you place a full page ad, use a coupon that the reader can fill out and send back for free, but also offer many other ways to order it – by telephone, fax, internet or snail mail. Make the coupon big enough so you can write long names on it. Many people have double names today and a larger coupon makes it easier to fill it out (and easier to read as well).

8. Make coupons with a header.”Yes, thank you. I would love to learn to acquire new customers quickly”.

9. Give the customers various options:
• I want one of your sales people to call me.
• I want a demonstration.
• I want a free booklet with tips and tricks.

10. If you run a smaller ad - such as half a page - put a bold border around the ad so that it feels like a coupon, this will stimulate the reader. Add a text at the end that says, for example: “For more information, cut out the ad and send it to us with your address details.”

11. Always use a headline that provides the reader with an advantage or a promise to solve a problem, rather than just a nifty title. Slick headlines are out-dated. Advertising is all about helping customers finding the right solution to a problem, not about rhyming or being smart (unless it's part of the way of solving the problem, of course).

12. Offer something for free. It can be a gift in connection with the order or a sample or a free consultation or analysis.

13. Talk about the value and benefits of the ad. The more you do this, the better the response will be.

14. Test different ads. Keep track of how many answers you get for each ad. It can be as easy as coding reply coupons with different numbers or combinations of letters and, of course, keeping track of which newspaper the ad(s) are published in.

Homework: Gather a stack of magazines and check out all the ads. What makes you notice certain ads a little extra? What do the best ads have in common? Do the same things with your own ads!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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