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How to get other people to do what you want to do

Keep in mind that there are so few people who know how to get others to want to do the same things as you want to do. It's not just about getting customers to buy, it's about getting the kids to do as you say, your wife/husband to understand why it's not very fun to spend the summer on a rainy campsite again instead of going to Greece. And it's so damn easy. There are really three questions you need to answer in order to get others to want to do as you wish.

1. What do they get?
2. How can I give it to them while I get what I want?
3. How can I show it?

You won't get a postal employee to locate your lost package if you yell at him (in fact, he might see to it that the package is lost forever). But if you make him involved by asking how you can help him find it and if you say that you've heard that this post office is known for its amazing ability to always find stuff - you will get the job done!
The postal guy gets an offer for help from someone who doesn't solve the problem with yelling and also by someone who thinks he's good at his job.

The thing is that people (ie. you and I) take the initiative to change and become motivated if it appeals to our self-interest. It sounds cynical, but it's true. Self-interest can be a noticeable improvement, to avoid risking an unpleasant situation, in recognition of someone's skills and lots of other things. Put yourself in their situation, whether it's your children, your boss, your coworkers, or mother and think about how you can give them what they want and still get what you want. Most often, you do so by sacrificing desires that you have that are less important in order to get what you want the most in the end.

Of course, you have to be sincere - this little trick is so effective that anyone who uses it should have a license before being allowed to actually use it!

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