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How to get more visitors to your website faster

Everyone wants more visitors to their website, but for many it doesn't go any further than a dream. It's such a shame, I think, because it's easy to create a website that acts as a salesperson for your business 24/7, all year round, if you just make sure to add a few special things to the website.

Ok, I know you have lots to do and I hear your sighs. Therefore I'm going to give you a quick plan that will change your website and make more people want to visit you. When you realize that it works, it's my hope that the spark will light up your world and that you become an entrepreneur who not only maintains the website, but also prioritizes the work.

Are you with me? Good!

Here's a five-day plan that will quickly double the number of visitors:
Day 1. Most importantly - analyze whether the website is worth visiting. Is it? Do you offer good information? Is it easy to find? Is it current? Is the website targeted to your specific audience? Will customers get help on your website? If not - please make sure they do! And if you don't have time to take care of what's necessary in one day – set aside time next week for the job.

Day 2. Revisit your marketing plan for the website (I suppose you have such a plan?) The website will never be finished, and for it to work, it must continuously be updated and attractive to the visitors. Schedule time to regularly update the website's content over the coming year.

Day 3. Do you have something fun on the website? It can be an ongoing competition or anything else that makes it fun and up to date for your visitors. Create something that will make sure that you get email addresses from your visitors, so you can get permission to be part of their lives for years to come. A tip letter or newsletter does the same trick. However, you must also consider what your customers want in return for their email addresses. Too many newsletters and other internet communication is self-aggrandizement and dull - usually both.

Day 4. Plan to have your website address on all your materials during the year - but also make sure to explain the reasons why they would want to visit there. It may be that they get very good advice or anything else that can help those who you want to become your customers.

Day 5. Think about what you can add to the website which allows the media and others wanting to report about it or link to it. Be spectacular. Be controversial. Be fun. DON'T be a coward and don't be boring. If you can't add five smart things to the content, at least try to add one super-article that tells the main thing that most of your customers always wonder about. The article can then be used as an argument to make customers want to visit your website. Next time you talk to a customer or someone who might potentially become a customer, you can say:
- Interesting that you asked just that. On our website you can read a detailed article about how to solve such a problem.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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