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How to get customers to choose you

Some things never change. The world in which we are selling things or services is the same, your customers will always want to know why they should buy from you and not from someone else. And this great truth makes our lives as marketers so much easier.
The only thing we need to think about every day is actually why customers choose us.

So why should customers choose you, honestly? We will talk more about that today.

1. What's the difference between your offers and the offers your competitors make? Are they better, more affordable (affordable is not the same as cheap)? If they are better, more affordable, you need to take action.
Look at what you are selling from all angles. What is the advantage? What do your customers like about it? What have they said they don't like? Also, set up your competitor's products, one by one, next to yours. Compare them. Compare not only the product, but also warranties and goodwill.

2. Identify now your unique strengths, evaluate them. Ask customers if they appreciate them. Ask customers how you can develop them.

3. Realize that your brand is actually one or more promises to your customers about something that will happen if they buy your product or use your services. It's the result, what happens that counts, and that is added to the plus or minus list of your brand. Branding is simply the process where you cement your customer's benefits to make the message reach its customers, not just as empty babble at a meeting.

4. Do you have a friendly business – do your customers perceive your business as friendly? Never use fuzzy terms. A friendly company tells the customers:
They are always so nice.
They call and check if we're happy with our purchase, never to peddle things.
The never press the charge button every time we talk to them.
They show interest in what we want to accomplish with our company.
They are the only ones who can explain things to make us really understand.
Are your customers telling you these things about your business? What will you do to make them start saying things like that?

5. If you are selling something that costs a lot – do you give customers the chance to pay in installments? Many buying decisions are obviously about money, not just when we buy furniture and appliances as private persons. Even businesses can achieve significant competitive advantages if they can offer the customer to pay in installments. Is it possible for you to do so?

6. How secure are your customers with your business. Do they dare take a chance with your products? Are your warranties so good that your customers just smile when they hear about them?

7. What is your weak point today? Is it service, sales, monitoring, supplies? All companies have a weak point, it's pure dynamics. What are you going to do about the weakest link that is relevant to your customers?

And last, but not least: Every day is a new day, shouting ”prove yourself to us!” It's necessary to know that you reward yourself for having the desire to live under the pressure. Rewards create motivation to serve your customers even better.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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