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How to become a good team player at work

(This article would be great for you to print and put up on the bulletin board.)

1. Make sure that people can rely on you
To be trustworthy, to take responsibility for things and to play with open cards are three important factors for credibility.

2. Listen
Be a good listening rather than a good talker. I know it sounds rebellious and different but it works.

3. Be open (the hardest part)
Review your verbal and non-verbal cues. Do they communicate openness to others?
(The problem here is that those who are not open often don't understand if they are open or not - can you?)

4. Contribute
Anyone who contributes new value to the group and who comes up with ideas and helps others is a fantastic resource for a team. This is about being selfless and not expecting to get anything back, except success for the whole team.

5. Give everything you've got
Invest yourself in the role and give everything you have. When you do that, you will be the person that others can trust. Already in school when there were a group working together, two of the six participants usually worked and the other four just tagged along. Do you remember? How much fun is it to just tag along?
  6. Motivate others
Any chance you get to help others grow - take them. When you help others grow, you grow yourself, too – both in your own eyes and in the eyes of others.

7. Let go of your ego
A team or group will not work with just one star who thinks he/she is running the show – every team member needs the opportunity to make himself/herself heard and to be a part of everything that goes on if he/she is going to maintain motivation to remain in the group. The sum of a team will be bigger than the team itself.

Is this the case at your work place?

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