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How to attract more visitors to your website

You can't escape the fact that more visitors are good for your website (even if you'd rather want to attract the right visitors).

Here you'll get tips on what to do to create the traffic you want.

Attract more visitors to your website:

1. Start by creating a signature that sells and that will make everyone who gets e-mail from you interested in visiting your website.

2. Write comments on relevant blogs and add your link at the end of the comment.

3. Swap links with relevant websites that don't compete with yours.

4. Suggest to your visitors that they add your website to their favorites.

5. Write something good about someone else's website and tell them about it - maybe they want to link back to your website where the review is published.

6. Write articles full of words that you think your potential customers are searching for when looking for what you can deliver.

7. Use Google Adword ads on relevant keywords. Just be sure to create custom landing pages for your ads, so that you can measure the result in terms of more visitors.

8. Use a ”Tell your friend about this website”-form so that your visitors may recommend others to visit as well.

9. Use Search engine optimization on the website's main pages so that search engines can more easily find them. A fantastic way to get more visitors.

10. Buy links to your website.

11. Buy banner space on other people's websites - if you attract traffic to a page that allows you to measure results against costs.

12. Write articles and give them away for free in exchange for a link to your website.

13. Try to find intelligent content that people are interested in and make sure it's easy to link to it. A perfect way to get more visitors.

14. Have a link to your website on your Facebook page.

15. Buy domain names with misspellings and point them directly to your website.

16. Create an e-book to give away for free on the website.

17. Create a link ring together with your customers and/or suppliers that will offer all of you more traffic.

18. Print a great reason to visit your website on the back of your business card/brochure/car and anything else you can find reason to use.

19. If you are selling your own product - get retailers - affiliates – to create their stores under your own website. More visitors will find both your dealer's pages and your own.

20. Upload videos of your company, but with a different angle on Youtube. If you sell flower seeds, your video could be on how to grow perennials and at the end of the film, show your URL.

21. If you have your own product - ask the website owners in your niche if they want to review the product.

22. Look for a large website in your area and ask if they want help with content. You provide it for free and all you want is a link back to your website.

23. Many forums have room for paid ads – if it suits you then place ads on the websites that attract visitors in your target market.

24. Buy space in other people's newsletters or swap the space for products.

25. Make sure you have a domain name that will be remembered. If your business is selling smoke alarms and your company is called ”John's Fire Equipment”, it's good to book a simple name that customers easily remember and that you have pointing to your real website. Your regular website is called perhaps, but the website you show your customers are or something like that which is easier to remember. And, of course, you can also book a name for each product you store. Whoever writes the name will still end up on your main webpage.

26. Write good titles to each webpage to make it more likely that the surfer clicks on your link among all the other results.

Now you know what to do to attract more visitors to your website right away!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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