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How to turn more visitors into customers

Ok, you're sitting there scratching your head, wondering why the majority of your visitors turn away instead of buying, calling, e-mailing or do other things that you hope they would do on your website. You've worked hard to get everything as good as possible. You have invested money, time and energy to get it all off the ground... but you're still not quite satisfied.

A key concept in this area is the conversion rate.
Conversion rate = What percentage of your visitors that you hook up with by selling something, make contact with or get an address from.

A typical figure considered reasonable for a website is 1-3%, ie. 1-3 of 100 visitors act on something on the website. Your job is, of course, to increase the conversion rate as much as you can.

Now you need to get some quick tips that you can measure your website against to see how attractive you've made it to visitors and to make them more eager to take a step closer to taking action.

1. Do you have a good content?
Reaching up to a higher conversion rate requires you to prove yourself to the visitors and be generous with your knowledge. It also means that you show that your products or services offer a high value to your visitors. You must be good at showing why the stuff that you are selling makes their lives so much better.

2. Is your website up to date?
Many people who are looking for what you sell will arrive at your website without knowing too much about your business. An important first step to getting a visitor's confidence is to show that your website is active, preferably by showing news, but also by having a good ”About Us” -page where you tell people about your condition and about your perception of  customer service on the internet. Visitors who's going to become customers want to know that you will deliver and that you prioritize internet shopping as much as your business off the net.

3. Grab hold of your visitor's attention quickly
Tell people the most important and interesting thing you have to say right away on the front page to make sure that no one will miss it. Competition is fierce out there and you have to take the opportunity to say something amazing right away to catch people's attention.

4. Answer the question ”What do I get”?
Your visitors don't care about how good you think you are. The only question they ask themselves sitting in front of their computer is;”What do I get?”. On the net, we are totally unfair. If we don't get what we want from you, there are hundreds of others to choose from just by going back and searching again. Give visitors a lightning fast response to the question about why they should stick around and give you a chance. Don't forget that everyone who visits your website has a specific thing in mind when they visit you. They have a problem that's still not solved. If you give them the solution, you have a fair chance to make them become your customers.

5. Make sure that all the pages are built for your audience
It's not at all certain that your visitors will come to your start page first and if you are advertising with Adword, for example, it's important that visitors is routed directly to the content they clicked on the ad to get to. Make sure to create the pages so that the visitor gets where he/she wanted directly.

6. Make it ridiculously easy to order
Add “Buy buttons” on all products directly and don't force customers to sign up as customers before they order. The latter is the dumbest thing you can do if you want to reach new customers because it is just awkward. You will still get all the information you need about them after they have completed the order. Never force customers to be to do something that you yourself wouldn't do to order a product or to make contact. There are companies that have a contact form where you have to fill in everything from names and addresses to fax number just to ask a question. Don't make that mistake.

7. Improve all your texts
Your texts on the website must not only inform visitors of what your website is about, you also have to explain why your offer will give the visitor what he/she is looking for and desires. But, ignore the usual marketing talk, and invite the reader to see the benefits of what you offer instead with the same tone you would use to explain the same things to your best friend. Remember – what you promise must be kept if you want to survive on the internet (and be able to sleep well at night). It's not only stupid to exclude inconvenient truths, it's also devastating for your future relationships.

8. Tell the world what your customers think of you
People know exactly what your opinion is about what you're selling, but what do those who have already used your product think? Try to get old customers to share their views and publish their statements in appropriate places on the website to show the world that you are here to stay and that you are a serious player on the internet.

9. Become a statistician
To get total control over what you need to change and improve, it's necessary to regularly review some key elements. Important things to look at every day is the number of visitors, which the most popular pages are, where your traffic is coming from, how many people engage in the buying process, but don't finish, which ads are getting the most attention and other key factors (which may be specific to your website and/or industry). You may notice that there are just as many who read about your product X and product Y, but it's only product Y that generate sufficient sales. Perhaps the text for product X must be changed or rewritten. You may find that most people who come to your website are coming in at one or more specific sub-pages and then you realize that it's precisely those pages that need to be improved.

10. Prove that you exist
Make it easier to contact you with questions and give visitors a chance to order or contact by means other than through the website. Some visitors, especially those who have never heard of you before, may feel a need to see if there is someone behind the website before they want to go any further. Others are afraid to order over the internet for other reasons and want to talk to a person instead.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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