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How to set motivating goals for your employees

How good are you really at setting up motivating goals for your employees?

A good goal should be the big enough to be challenging, but not so big that it creates frustration.

Compare the goals you have previously set with the following paragraphs:

1. Did your staff manage to reach at least 75% of the objectives?

2. Do you ask the staff to help you set up the goals or do you just give out orders?

3. Doe the goals challenge people to overcome and step outside of their own comfort zones?

4. Does the staff enjoy the goals you have set up? In other words: are they motivated by them or do they just whine?

5. Are you planning objectives for the conditions that exist now, and not just copy the previous year's goals regardless of personnel changes, general economic conditions, etc.?

6. Do you give your staff opportunities to achieve the objectives? Have you asked what they need?

7. Is there room for changes in the objectives taking into account factors that are outside of the staff's control?

8. Will your staff get concrete rewards for goals achieved?

Think about this and make all the necessary changes!

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