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Good and bad characteristics of entrepreneurs

Starting your own business is fantastic! Everyone should become entrepreneurs! More entrepreneurs to the world!

There are many people who really support entrepreneurship with these kinds of slogans. But what about the dangers? A main contractor is amazing in a way – but also the reason that companies go bust. How can that be?

Here are five entrepreneurial qualities, both good and bad in different ways:

1. Poor focus and too many ideas results in nothing happening
This is very common (surely you recognize yourself) for new entrepreneurs who haven't learned to make create a solid business plan and haven't the strength to carry on after the company's honeymoon.

2. Bad with details
It's not a natural talent for an entrepreneur to want to get lost in details. The contractor looks for the big picture instead. The problem is that the details are important too and if you can't get details sorted out, you need someone else to do it. Entrepreneurs are like children in many good ways - and in many bad ways too.

3. Feeling like the odd bird
It's common for entrepreneurs to feel different and they should feel different, they should embrace it differently. That is something every person who starts a business must become comfortable with – you can't be like everyone else.

4. Good at starting a business, but bad at running it
The same danger here as in the first paragraph. The company must get up to the level where it gets a life of its own. It's far from always that the entrepreneur have the necessary stamina for this. Entrepreneurs can also be strange bosses that require too much or insist on doing it all themselves instead of letting the staff in on the various tasks of the business.

5. They exaggerate and are too optimistic
This is great! We often exaggerate a bit when we tell other people about our fantastic ideas. We need to do this to keep our ideas and dreams alive. It's when we mix our ideas with other people's finances that danger arises. If our business idea isn't solid enough, we may have a disaster on our hands.

Do you recognize a little bit of yourself in this? I thought so.
The idea of these points is that you will see both the dangers and opportunities that exist. Never ever let the thoughts of your “crazy” ideas and feelings of loneliness stop you because so few other people have your energy and “go”!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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