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Everything starts in the morning and especially on Monday mornings

What do you do when you get to work on Monday morning? Make a fresh cup of coffee, talk to your colleagues, read the morning paper?

Perhaps you start your computer and check your emails. It's always exciting to see what may have emerged since the last time you checked. Soon, you will find yourself deeply involved in responding to e-mails. Some messages require a bit of thought, others you need to look up in order to answer. It's a natural reaction to want to take care of that because you have it's right in front of you right now. After a while, you feel hungry and you look at the clock.
Huh?! It can't be ... It's lunch already!

Another common way to start your mornings is to “extinguish fires”. This happens when you take care of and fix all the panic tasks that ”suddenly” have popped up in front of you so that you put aside last weeks issues. These problems also tend to steal your time and make you so stressed that you get a stomach ache even before you had time to leave for lunch at the restaurant around the corner.

OK, so what should you do?
You need to learn the Monday trick. Actually the Monday trick already begins on Friday afternoon when you still have decent amount of distance to Monday morning and thus can make demands on yourself without having to take responsibility for them right then. Every Friday afternoon you should sit down with a piece of paper, perhaps a To-do list, and write down what you need to accomplish on Monday. Make sure that the note is the first thing you see on Monday morning – this is your agreement with yourself that you can't go home until you've taken care of the tasks on the list. The same Friday afternoon, you take note number two and write down what you need to accomplish throughout next week and inform yourself that you can't go home on Friday until you are done with your the stuff on the list. Simple, huh? Try it and you'll see how well it'll work.  

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