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Do your customers like you? How to sell services

Imagine you are at a client meeting. You've just found out what the customer needs and you are happy to hear that this is exactly what you can help them with. Superb. They need you. They have lots of money and advanced plans where your services fit like a glove. Wow!

You walk on clouds all the way home and you're excited that you have finally landed the big fish. Finally a customer who really needs your help and who can pay for it!

A week later, you find out that the assignment went to someone else. You don't get it at first and when you ask the client why, you get a statement that is so vague that you become even more confused. You get angry, you curse them because they're too stupid to know what's best for them. Yes, you go through the entire registry from disappointment and anger to ”x&%¤#  them. I don't care!”

And here's the scary part – the failure might have nothing to do with your services. Maybe that part was all perfect. What you had to offer may have even been a lot better than what your competitor (who got the job) could deliver. Everything was perfect - if it wasn't for the simple fact that the customer didn't like ... YOU!

Hmm ... can this really be true? Damn sure it can be! Companies that sell gadgets and appliances work with the price as the only means for competition, and companies who sell online could have employees who aren’t even liked by their own mothers - but anyone selling services must understand that it's the person behind the services that the customers purchase first. Only when they've “bought you” as a person, will they start listening to what you have to offer. That's what selling services is all about!

Selling services - the beauty of it

It's wonderful that this is the way it works because you have so many chances to overcome your technology-fixed, socially hopeless competitors. All you have to do, is to be a bit more personal and really want to help your customers. If you succeed at this, you will have cleared out 95% of all your competitors. Therefore you should ignore your great offers for a while - your deal is not about how amazing your skilled consultancy are, but about who YOU ​​are. The mind boggles. That means, in this case, that someone with half of your skills, but who are better at presenting himself/herself and making the customers feel at ease - will do better business than YOU. Trust me, life really is that unfair!

11 reasons why we like a person more than others - are you one of those that others like?

Some people really have the ability to get others to like them fast, but how do they do it? What is it that makes you feel so comfortable with some new people that you meet?

Is it perhaps because:

1. They smile more often than others you usually meet?

2. They show interest in what you say and encourage you to open yourself, so that your relationship feels warmer and better than others you have?

3. They give you compliments that feel honest (not to be confused with servile)?

4. They speak well of others and it reflects back on themselves (compare them with most people who are just backstabbing others)?

5. They can laugh at themselves and show human vulnerability that also gives you the courage to do the same?

6. They make you feel good because their enthusiasm rubs off on you (compare this with people who always complain)?

7. They are similar to ourselves in many ways and they're good at finding the common denominator in all their relationships?

8. They show that they like to be with us? A person who likes to hang out with us must surely be a nice person!

9. They remember your name and what you talked about last time you meet?

10. They ask questions and then keep quiet? Isn't it great to meet people who actually want to hear what we think and feel?

11. They lose the trade jargon? Trade jargon is mostly ​​used by people who are insecure in their professional capacity – impress people instead by making hard things look simple.

Do you agree with the profile? And the hard question - are you such a person yourself?

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Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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