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Do you make these mistakes when writing sales letters?

Oh yes, you do! I know you have been sitting and sweating for hours with your sales letter. You've written and re-written these letters, again and again and again. And now it's finally time to send out that great sales letter of yours.

But wait! Please tell me that you haven't made these five embarrassing mistakes that make your letter go directly to the trash? You know what that means - no orders! Follow the tips that here if you want to write effective sales letters and make more money.

Mistake 1: Your sales letter has a bad header (or no header at all)
Many sales letters that I receive in the mail has a bad headline or none at all. The title is important for getting the reader interested in the letter. It's the ”ad” that will entice me to read on. If it doesn't, it's goodbye - your fine letter is in the recycle bin.
The title must include the answer to the question: “What do I get out of reading further?”

However, all sales letters don't need to have a title. In some cases, when you sell services, you shouldn't have a title because the first sentence becomes the headline. The idea here is for you to get the recipient to know that there is a ”real” letter, something important, and not just a ”sales letter among all other sales letters.”However, this applies only in certain cases. For most sales letters you should have a strong headline that attracts the reader. The best headlines give a novelty, beckons with a personal benefit and makes the reader curious to read further.

Mistake 2: Your sales letter lacks an offer
Your offer is the second most important thing in your sales letter. The most important thing is who you are sending the letter to – this means your customer/prospect list. Number three on the list is the text in your sales letter. Your offer is number two on the list – in other words, also important. But I receive many sales letters where there is no offer at all. Most senders seem to think that what they do or what they sell is an offer in itself. No, no and no again.”We offer the best products on the market” is not a very unattractive letter to receive. To get the maximum response to your letter, you must have an offer. What is an offer? You can, for example, offer a slight discount (get three items for the price of two). You can offer a speed premium if the individual orders within a certain date (a lottery ticket works great as a premium). But there are many other types of offers that you can use.

Mistake 3: Your sales letter just talks about your business and not what customers get from your products
Your readers, your prospective customers or existing customers, are selfish. They are not interested in you. They don't care if your business has been around for 200 years or whatever you do. They are, however, interested in themselves. They care a lot about themselves and they want to know immediately why they should read your letter, why you are sending the letter to them and why they should do what you suggest. Therefore, your letter should immediately answer these four questions:

1. Why should I read what you wrote?
2. Why should I read it right now?
3. Why should I believe what you are saying?
4. Why should I act now?

If you answer these four questions in your sales letter, you will get much better results. In other words: Don't write about yourself and your business. Write what you and your company can do for your customer.

Mistake 4: Your sales letter lacks a powerful closure
Here's a tip: If you want to get your customers to buy what you offer, then tell them what to do. Okay? There is nothing worse than getting a sales letter where the sender just mumbles something indistinct at the end. Just say bluntly what you want the reader to do. Do you think they'll pick up the phone and call right away because they get 10% off during the next five days? Then say so. Do you want them to sign the reply card and return it? Just say that;”All you have to do is fill out the reply card and mail it at our expense.”I hope I don't have to ask you, but you are not charging people postage if they place an order, right?

Mistake 5: Your sales letter has no PS
The PS is the second most read part in the whole letter. People unconsciously think:”Wonder what they forgot to say” and surreptitiously almost directly look at PS message. You should always, always, always (did I say ALWAYS?) have a PS in your sales letter. Repeat the offer. Give the readers a surprise bonus if they order today, or tell them about something else that forces them to re-read the message or use the reply card.

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