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Create perfect customer service in 20 steps

Do you care about your customers in a way that makes them feel really appreciated?
The important thing about your relationship with your customers is that you need to show them that you care about everything that happens in a way that the customer is unaware of your business until he/she actually becomes your customer.
Waving a flag that says The customer always comes first” or saying ”The customer is always right” doesn't mean anything. The customer must feel that you have thought through every aspect concerning a purchase.

Here are 20 tips on how to create a perfect customer service that will make the customers feel appreciated:

1. Make a special document that talks about the principles of your customer service
This document must be issued by the management. Everyone should know what the principles are and be prepared to live up to them.

2. Establish a support system that provides clear instructions to provide and maintain service quality
A support system will ensure that your company is better than the competition by providing more and solving problems, ideally before they even occur.

3. Develop your own instruments
Develop an instrument for the ”perfect” customer service and start rewarding employees who remain within the limits of what can be measured.

4. Make sure your passion for customer service involves everyone at the company
Make sure it doesn't stop in the boardroom. Everyone should feel that it's important and know that it pays off.

5. Inform your employees
Do everything you need to make your employees understand that what they do for the customers, the customers will do for them.”The customer is always right” may be true, but why? It's the reason ”why” customers are right that you must provide.

6. Focus on providing better customer service than any of your competitors
The important point here is that the message must be clear that it also reaches out to your customers.

7. Make sure that every customer feel special
Do this every time they have been contacted by you or any of your employees.

8. Regularly ask the customers how you can improve
Listen to what they say. Make a note in your calendar, for instance one day every month, to call your customers and ask if they are happy with what they get from your company.

9. Keep in touch with customers
Do it with letters, postcards, newsletters, phone calls, quality checks, visits. Your contact should not only be done when selling. Selling is one thing - building relationships is another.

10. Nurture the human aspects as much as the purely commercial
Do favors for your customers, educate them, give them gifts. Take them to the movies, opera or football games.

11. Recognize your customers' needs and expectations
You have to meet their needs and reach above their expectations. Always? Always!

12. Stay tuned
Be aware of new trends by reading trade magazines, books and any other information that may sharpen you in contact with your customers. Buy books on customer service and allow your employees to read them too. Discuss the content and use what suits your company best.

13. Share information about your company with all who meet your customers
Meet people regularly and share your experiences as they share their experiences. Share also your expertise with your customers, it's easier than ever thanks to the internet. Give them useful free tips on your website or in your newsletter.

14. Customers are people
Keep track of their important days, birthdays, etc. Always keeping contact is your goal. If you find an article in a magazine that you think can help a client, send it to the client.

15. Invite customers sometimes so customers get to know your business
It doesn't matter if you're working alone. Invite people and start building relationships.

16. Make yourself available
Always make sure that everything around your business has an aura of easy access. Make sure that customers can get hold of you when they need to. Invest in appropriate technology that can help you reach that goal.

17. Act on the knowledge that what customers want the most, is attention, confidence, speed, and skills
Customers like to be treated as individuals, don't you?

18. Have a clear plan for what to do quickly when a customer is dissatisfied
To give an unhappy customer prompt redress often makes the customer more loyal in the future than your most satisfied customer.

19. Always eliminate risks from the customer by offering generous guarantees

20. Use your judgment in all situations
Ask customers for advice. No one knows everything - not even you.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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