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Conflicts at work – how to avoid them

Do you get along well at work? There are indeed many things that can irritate us at work every day, but there are also simple rules to adhere to if you want to create a better atmosphere at work. See the following as an open document and send us your own suggestions on how to get along better at work and I'll collect them all and put out on the website.

I'll start:

1. If you borrow something, return it. If you borrow it more than twice - get your own.

2. If you have a problem with someone - talk to him/her about it, not everyone else.

3.  Focus on your job, not on HOW others do. If you get the desired result, then that's fine. The only exception is when someone's low productivity affects your own.

4. Understand the limits of a managerial position. Not everything is a matter for the management.

5. Don't try to get monopoly on common equipment. This includes copying machines, printers and other equipment that is used frequently by everyone.

6. Don't sell things at work. Salami sausages, candy, cookies etc. is not okay to sell at the office just because it makes it harder for people you see every day to turn you down. If people want these products they know where to get them by themselves. If you are going to sell stuff at the office, put brochures or leaflets in the reception or place them on the coffee table. This way anyone who is interested can make contact with you.

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