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Close the door on the competition now!

Opportunity: You steal customers from your competitors – that's nice and fun!

Threat: Your competitors are stealing customers from you - scary and not so fun!

An important way to create new business is to distract customers from your competitors and instead make them interested in you. The same thing applies, of course, to your competitors. They are constantly thinking about how to win over your customers.
That's also why it's smart to do things now to protect your business from your competitors attacking your customer base.

Today, you'll get some help to protect your business

6 ways to keep customers forever

1. Gather information about the customers at all times
Normally we are great at gathering information about customers and their needs, but once we've landed the customer we quit. Stupid! We can't assume that we know everything we need to know from what we have been told that one time. You need to learn all the time. Keep asking yourself:

a) What happens in the customer world at the moment?
b) What changes are they facing?
c) What problems do they struggle with?
d) What are the future opportunities they're anticipating?
If you don't know this, you can't meet their needs, and the only thing you can do during the day is putting out fires and reacting instead of being proactive (yes, I abuse the word proactive, but I love it very much).

2. Don't ever stop selling your business to your customers
To create real loyalty, customers will ”buy ”your business before they buy your stuff. If they only buy what you're selling, chances are they will not be particularly long-lasting customers.

3. Never assume that tomorrow will be better than today
A healthy paranoia is good. You must assume that problem are lurking around the corner and be prepared to do something about it. Ask yourself the following questions:
a) What can we do to make it difficult for competitors to steal our customers?
b) What would happen if we lost our most important customers?
c) What can we do today to get new customers within two years?

4. Never take customers for granted
Some vendors claim that they own their customers or that they have an exclusive niche. Forget that. Today, it's all about what we continue to do for our customers on a daily basis, not what we did last week or last year. Period!

5. Never think that you have enough customers
There are companies who believe that nothing changes and lull themselves into a false security. They want everything to remain comfortable and that's great, but it’s not realistic today when everything changes so quickly, some things even overnight. Moreover, such over-confident thinking often creates a bit arrogant behavior, and this in a time when it doesn't take more than a mouse-click to switch suppliers.

6. Never, never, never stop developing what you sell
You know what you are best at selling. You hear every day what customers say they want. Reasonably, you are also the best at developing what you are selling, so that you can surprise customers with new things that they might not even know they wanted until they see it. Make sure that customers feel that it's your modern and smart company that they want give their business to.

And finally ...
Enjoy having the momentum. Set new goals and reward yourself for being on the go. You work hard for it and deserve success. Congrats!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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