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Bullshit - Increase your sales by 42.5% in one year with our amazing product!

Certainly, this type of headline is funny when it arrives as spam or DR. And it's not just humorous, it seems as believable as politicians when they stand in front of the TV-cameras and make their promises to us. We read (listen), smile, shake our head slightly and move on.

But ...

... you can actually increase sales by 42.5%. The key is what you do every day, rather than what you do in one big bang.

Here is how to increase sales by 42.5% in one year.
• Call five possible clients every day and share something they will like. If you don't have anything to tell them – find something.

• Start to answer the phone and stick a note on the handset that says ”smile”, you will remember it too.

• Prioritize sales before administration. If you have a pile of papers in front of you - sort it out and put everything related to sales and customers on the top of the pile and everything associated with the administration at the bottom.

• Do you hear what customers are saying? Are they saying something about your product or service that can make it better? Have you asked them? Do it. Ask if there is something they lack. Anything you can offer. Act on what you know.

• Contact customers after purchase, it shows that you plan ahead and it'll make your customers more secure. Make sure that you seal the deal better and your customers will treat you better when you contact them next time.

• Increase your interest for your world. What was it in today's paper that you disagree with? What is it that the journalists haven't understood about your world? Talk to them and do it honestly, nice and neat, they might like what you say so much that you get to be in the debate.

• Increase your interest for marketing.”No time” is not good enough. Start with the fun parts of the marketing first, there are always things we like more. A good way to get your marketing started is to start with what you like best.

•Intensely increase your interest for what your competitors are doing better than you do. Then create conditions that make it easy for customers to see the benefits of your company over your competitor. Sigh, yes it's that simple, in fact, when customers make buying decisions.

• Think about why you do what you do. The best way to enthuse customers is to be genuine - to like what you do.

• = increase of 42.5%.
Cost - Engagement, commitment and desire.

Do it now!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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