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9 ways to get a better self-esteem

1. A good way to get a better self-esteem is to trick yourself into believing that you have a great self-esteem. You do this by standing as if you have a good self-esteem, sit as if you have good self-esteem and behave (act) as if you have a great sense of self-esteem. Try. Practice.

2. Don't strive for surface, strive for depth instead. Ignore the newspaper's model pictures, don't worry about the body ideals everyone are striving for right now. There is nothing wrong with exercising and eating well, but instead of looking upon skinny models or beefy superstars as an ideal, you should always strive for becoming the best you can be. That's good enough.

3. Practice listening to others and take in what they have to say and offer. It can be difficult with poor self-esteem to do so, but the fact is that if you focus more on others than yourself , you can maybe learn something that makes you stronger (as opposed to not listening to what they say and just wondering what they think of you).

4. Ignore your family and friends' expectations of you and start to follow your own heart instead. Start a bigger project with a small step, you'll notice that it's not so difficult.

5. Challenge your own ideas and biases. Think about your values ​​and check if they really are your own. Your low self-esteem may originate in you carrying the values ​​of others - and above all – carrying other people's values ​​of you.

6. Set goals. It's great to write down what you want and where you want to go. It helps you to find the first step to the goal and then start taking the first small step closer to your big goal.

7. Do a writing exercise where you put all the qualities you admire in others in print. Make a long list. It can be things like integrity, honesty, courage, humor and other things that you like in other people. When you're done with the list, you should realize that all the qualities you see there are those you would like to have or don't think you have now (but might actually have). Slowly start to bring out these qualities in your daily life, one by one, until you have done everything on the list. You will love it.

8. Keep close tabs on what motivates you every day and stay close to these things every day. Simply try to fill your life with more of what you like. You will also gain a better self-esteem because you feel so much better.

9. Do it. You must assume that this is a process that takes some time, but with the exercises here and a new setting where you are in charge of the job” acquiring self-esteem”, you will soon notice the change you want to see in yourself

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