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8 tips on how to handle negative people

Whiners and negative people are like black holes that suck away your energy. Today you'll get some concrete tips on how you can learn to handle such people.

But (and this is quite scary) many people don't even know if they are surrounded by negative people. Why? Because they are so used to having them around.

Here is a test. When you hang out with a particular person, do you:
• Get the feeling you at any time can get verbally attacked?
• Feel insecure, tense or on guard?
• Feel that you can hardly wait before you leave?
• Lose energy and become negative yourself?

If you feel like this, it's likely that you're dealing with a negative person. So how do you handle it?

8 tips on how to handle negative people:

1. Avoid them if you can
Yes, it's that simple.

2. Why is he/she so negative?
Do you know why the person is so negative? Does he/she hate his/her job, feel frustrated and trapped in life in general? Does the person suffer from low self-confidence that makes him/her only feel strong by hurting others? If you understand why the person is so weird, it's easier to deal with the situation.

3. Transform yourself into Teflon
Smile and just refuse to let the negative stick to you. Don't say anything and stay out of  any discussions. Leave the room if you can. The negative person wants a reaction from you. That's what gives him her nutrition. If you let yourself get caught by them, they will steal your good energy away.

4. Say ”Tell me something good”
Immediately when someone starts a long whining tirade, interrupt by saying;”tell me something good.”Some people don't not even notice how negative they have become. It has just become a way of life. By being reminded of their behavior, they just might realize that they have become something they don't want to be. Or perhaps they decide it's not worth bothering you with their lamentations because you always ask them to think of something positive.

5. Be a little self-critical
Negative people want a reaction from you. If they have learned that the only way to get it is to whine, so it's the whining you get. Do you listen to other people?

6. Stop sharing if you still know what you are getting
There are people who love to shoot down other people's ideas. Consider whether you have one or more such people around you and stop sharing your thoughts. Make sure to start things before anyone has time to destroy them.

7. Don't bother to help if nothing improves
Some people pour their shit over others and walk away satisfied and relieved. The person who received the bucket of crap now has to carry something around that isn't his/hers. Immediately stop being an unloading site for other people's problems. It's not your job - you have your own problems to deal with.

8. Focus on your own happiness and energy
Nurture and care for your ideas, look for positive people with the same energy that you carry and slowly phase out people who really just steal your time, energy and desire. Don't let the whiners ruin your day. That's an order !

If you just want to test something, test tip number 4. It works fantastically!

About the author

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