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7 reasons why you should quit your current job, take the plunge and start your own company NOW!

For me it's been more that 20 years since I decided to leave the hamster wheel and start my own business instead.

And yes, it was scary to leave a fixed salary, workmates and all the old everyday procedures.
But when I look back, it was not only the most important decision in my life, it was also the most crucial step for my personal development.

And one thing is for sure - I will never go back to such a job again, ever!
I have simply become hopelessly unemployable.

I talk to my buddies who are still employed. They have ideas (which they gladly talk about after a few drinks, but that are forgotten the following day). I usually tell them what I tell you now – stop worrying and do what you really want to do instead:

– Quit your old job and start a new life and a new career!

And then I cool down a bit again. I tell them about these points to make them understand what they are missing if they just keep doing what they do because they are too afraid of challenging the unknown:

1. As an entrepreneur, you can make up your own rules
There is a lot of noise in the corporate world. It's full of opinions, rules, history and lots of ”this is how we do it”, just right beneath the surface. In that environment, it's difficult to make life fun and enjoyable. When you take the plunge and start your own business, you suddenly see the possibilities much clearer and the more you see them, the more courage you get to do something to implement all those possibilities. You basically become a different person.

2. You get to know your own strength
When you are wrapped up in a large corporate company's ambiguity, there is always a tendency to blame other people for your own lack of courage and determination. It's so much easier to wait for other people to make things happen, to believe that others will make things happen for you. When you work alone you realize how much control you actually have and that insight will give you the courage to get more things to happen - more than you ever thought you could do. You can't blame anyone else - and more importantly - you get all the attention for all the positive things you do.

3. You stop talking and start doing instead
I wasn't planning to start my own business, I did it because I was pissed off that all books on marketing and sales I read in the school and at work was so boring or academic. When I got tired of whining about it and took the plunge, I was surprised that so many thought I was brave. I'm not braver now than I was before, but I know for certain I don't need a big company that takes care of me (and neither do you).

4. You may end up living in two worlds
I used to be “corporate Stefan” and “everyday Stefan”. “Corporate Stefan” was less friendly, less intuitive and more unattractive. Once you run your business, you can pour down your real person in it, instead of playing “The Office Game” and paste on your fake businesses face every day.

5. You don't need to retire
Retirement pension is a strange idea – it's a kind of reward for doing something you've hated to do and that's finally over. When you find a passion for something, the concept of retirement will become completely meaningless. A musician doesn't stop playing just because he/she has turned 65. A writer hardly stops writing because he suddenly will start receiving payments from the Government at old age each month. I find it embarrassing when people talk with a deep longing in their voice about pension - they just confess that they've spent their entire adult life doing something they don't like to do without ever really questioning it.

6. You get real problems instead of imaginary problems
In a large company the individual employee's happiness and success is determined by several forced relationships and decisions that may change without warning and without the possibility of doing something about it - and all that can change your world in ways you don't like (or even understand.)
With so many things that are beyond your control, it's hard not to worry about the future. What does my boss really think about me? What if I don't get to decide like they promised?
The fear of things that can happen is usually worse than what really happens, ie you get a lot of imaginary problems. However, when you run your own business you will end up in reality instead. Sure, you may worry about high costs or other problems, but you will have control over the game itself.

7. You will return to your purpose
The meaning of life is not that you should take baby steps through the years. And you don't want to spend your life following someone else's dreams or sitting by and watching other people implementing their dreams. But somewhere along the way you forgot about it. And now, after so many years as a member of the herd you look at work as a place where you earn money for food and rent, but it doesn't have to be like that. You can actually choose to work for yourself instead and make sure your dreams come true. If you take the plunge, you will rediscover what you had as a child – a great appetite for discovery and imagination.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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