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70 reasons why you should start your own company now

If you're still unsure whether you should start your own business or not - I really want you to understand why you should take the plunge and realize your ideas and dreams. Therefore I have compiled this list with 70 reasons why you should start your own company now!

I hope that this ”small” exaggeration will make you understand all the benefits:

1. Being an employee is the same as remaining poor. Same pay, same conditions and you have very little control over what you earn.

2. If your employer commends you because you have done a good job - ask him/her if you can get a pay rise to see if he/she really means it. You will discover that it's rarely so.

3. As a business owner you can get into a position where you’ll stop excusing yourself for not being able to afford things. Instead, you have to start looking for excuses because you can afford things –which is much more fun.

4. Now you know your value when payday comes each month. As a business owner you know your value all the time.

5. If you continue to accept the crumbs you get from your employer today – don't expect to get a whole loaf in the foreseeable future.

6. Never assume to harvest everything you deserve as an employee. Employers don't think of you first.

7. Your employer will only pay you the exact amount that will allow you to keep your nose above the surface because the shareholders want it that way.

8. You can't take your family to a nice restaurant whenever you want to – unless you get a discount coupon in the mailbox.

9. Your employer has a tendency to forget how devoted you are when he/she takes out a really nice bonus for himself/herself.

10. You don't have to wait on that annual statement if you'll get a bonus this year or not - you can hand out a bonus to yourself whenever you feel like it.

11. You can stop looking forward to days off – you can take a day off whenever you want.

12. You can make up for lost sleep on weekends. You can sleep in on a Tuesday if you want.

13. You can go fishing any day of the week. You can go shopping when the stores are least crowded. You can make a lot of time for things because it's you who control your own time.

14. You will help create work opportunities for others when you quit your job and leave it to a less inspired individual than yourself.

15. You can completely and permanently avoid degrading background checks, credit checks and other humiliating questions during job interviews.

16. You can stop smiling at your boss every day when you really want to give him/her a scolding.

17. You can stop laughing at your boss' idiotic and sexist jokes.

18. You don't have to put up with your boss's bad days.

19. You can set your own rules and break them just because you feel like it.

20. You can stop attending all the boring meetings that you really have no interest in and where your boss says you need to produce more solid results, even though you've just landed a major account.

21. You can stop kissing your boss's butt to get a promotion.

22. You can wear any clothes you want at work.

23. You can call yourself and tell yourself that you will be late today and smile at your freedom.

24. You can choose your own working hours according to your own rhythm.

25. Your biggest dream will no longer be that the clock should turn 5 pm so you can finally leave work.

26. Your employer will complain when you're fifteen minutes late, but he/she says nothing when you're working until 9 pm.

27. You can stop working eighty hours a week and getting paid for forty.

28. You can take a two hour lunch if it's a sunny day.

29. You can take a coffee break or a nap time-break, read the paper-break, walk the dog-break and whatever you feel like doing-break whenever you want.

30. You can call the one you love and talk for hours without having to sneak away from your boss or lower your voice during private conversations.

31. You can make Monday a holiday.

32. You can leave your car in the shop when you want instead of during your lunch-break.

33. You can pick up the kids without feeling guilty when they are sick.

34. Your business can give you the dream job you've always wanted.

35. Your employer determines your financial future – you won't.

36. An appointment is just an insecure temporary solution to your future financial freedom.

37. Your employer has a different agenda than you. When you are no longer needed, the agenda and your safety at work changes. How dare you be employed?

38. You can take care of personal matters at work.

39. You won't have to wait until a certain date every month to get paid.

40. If you are employed, the grass will always be greener on the other side of the fence. However, all jobs are the same - the grass is just different shades of green and has different names, but carries the same hidden agendas.

41. Your employer pretends to care about you as long as you are needed to get the job done and as long as you agree to play your little role in the company. Everything can change quickly and you have no control over any changes.

42. As soon as you start to feel safe at work - take your next month's salary and forbid yourself to use it. Do you feel safe?

43. As soon as your employer starts talking about reorganization, you can be sure it will be negative for you.

44. Stop adding to your employer's private fortune - start building your own instead.

45. If you can't live on your salary today – do you really think it will be different when you retire?

46. You can be with your family when you want.

47. You can choose the same vacation period each year without having to wait for approval.

48. You can take a last minute trip that you booked online last night and leave today - without asking anybody’s permission.

49. You might end up apologizing to your children because you’ll miss out on spending time with them as they grow up.

50. Your wife/husband can visit you at work without having to think twice about how your boss feels about it.

51. You can take the kids to work and have a playground ready for them there.

52. You only live once so what are you waiting for? You only have one life. Are you going to waste it on building wealth for others?

53. If you have a dream running your own business, you will do yourself a great injustice if you don't try to fulfill that dream.

54. As an entrepreneur you’re awakened by your dreams in the morning, not by the alarm clock.

55. Are you programmed to be employed by your parents because everyone around you is employed? Then it's time for some reprogramming right now.

56. Do you hope to win the lottery to make your dreams come true? You are just as fooled as millions of others then. It won't happen no matter what the lottery companies promise.

57. Are you a child who needs guidance or are you an adult who wants to be free? Grow up!

58. You will forever wonder what would had happened if you had done this or that at one time in your life if you don't dare to take the plunge while there’s still time.

59. If you were supposed to be working for someone else - what do you call that unsatisfactory feeling you carry inside when you think of being employed and controlled?

60. Your neighbor/mother/wife/husband may think that you are taking unnecessary risks when you start a company. But when they get laid off / fired themselves maybe they will stop their complaining.

61. You can stop admiring the birds and long for their freedom because you can get your own freedom now.

62. You can stop pretending that you love your job. You said you “loved” your last job, too.

63. You tell people that you have a ”challenging” job. They think you mean exciting, but deep down you know that it only challenges your freedom.

64. You can stop pretending to have a cold, whine and tell yourself you have to stay at home because you're “sick”. As a business owner, you take an Aspirin and get to work anyway.

65. You just can't fulfill all your dreams as an employee.

66. As an employee with security and a long career behind you, you may suddenly be 47 years old, having to face new people – like your Job center counselor, job coach and therapist.

67. You don't have to wait until you're 70 to retire. If you work hard, you can stop working whenever you want.

68. You can make new friends - entrepreneurs - who think like you.

69. The world needs more independent-minded individuals - you can become one of them.

70. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after forty years of work. A gold watch is not much more than an insult. Go ahead and make your own pot of gold.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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