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12 amazing things that happen to you when you start your own business

You don't have to be cut like a diamond when starting your own business. The cut will come over time. It's very interesting for me to see what happens to people after a while. People working out in a gym may get fairly large muscles within a year. Anyone who starts a business gets a different kind of muscle.

This is how you are going to change within a year as an entrepreneur:

1. You will not wait to be rescued. This is incredibly fun to notice in people who start their own business. If you normally get bewildered by a flat tire on the car in the middle of the night on an empty road, you will not see it as an unsolvable problem because you have become so used to solving things yourself within your business.

2. You will know much better what you want and you won't be afraid to chase after it for the simple reason that you have trained your ability to see the goal as something important and it helps make sense of life.

3. You will suddenly see how exciting it is to work. I'm not saying it will always be fun, but it will rarely be dull.

4. You will learn to ignore petty problems. Because you deal with difficult challenges all the time, you will see the everyday crap things in a different perspective. This goes for your relationships, too. You will find it easier to deal with people.

5. You demand more of life and your surroundings - and satisfy your needs. Suddenly you will look at other people from a different perspective. You will get to discover the whiners you never thought of. You will experience love and warmth where you've never seen it before and you will want to make life more enjoyable.

6. You will inspire others. Other people who hang out with you will get some of the energy you send out and you will help them achieve their own goals as well.

7. You will understand society better. When you are part of a business you will become more interested in the community at various levels. You may also become angrier at some things, such as where all the money you pay in taxes actually goes.

8. You will learn to better cope with waiting for things. Other people play the lottery because they can't be bothered to wait a year for results. You build something slowly, but surely something very stable and when you learn that it works, you will end up demanding immediate gratification.

9. You will become better at communicating. As an entrepreneur, you'll have contact every day with different people and learn how to handle them - knowledge that you will use in your personal life as well.

10. You will become better at solving problems. That hassle from authorities that shows up in the form of forms or other hassles will be something you will learn to take care of easily. You can also manage five craftsmen and tell them in what order they should remodel your summer cottage because you now have project management experience.

11. You will stop procrastinating. A common problem with most people is that they never seem to be able to complete things they've started up - or never get started because it feels scary. Once you are in business for yourself, you will both learn how to get started and to complete what you have started.

12. Suddenly, you don't care about of how many days off you'll get at Christmas, when it's time to schedule your holidays - simply because you don't have to care anymore. You're doing what you think is fun to do and you work because you enjoy it.

And all of this will be obvious to you after a year. When you look back at your previous situation, you will shake your head and wonder if it really was you. It is fantastic!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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