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10 ways to maintain optimism at work

The most important thing for us who want to achieve different things is to take
advantage of - and strengthen - the momentum. Simply be optimistic. But how do
you become optimistic in a way that it'll make your heart sing? Today you'll
get tips that will bring out your optimism and hunger for real.

10 simple ways to maintain optimism:

1. Have realistic expectations
Your recent campaign went bad. Your major customer said no thanks to your
latest proposal. One can easily feel downhearted when optimistic expectations
turn into harsh truths. The solution is to continue to hope and believe in things,
but also create a plan to for when things go sour. If you keep yourself in a constant
forward motion and don't just rely on one single solution, no one can stop you.
No one! I meet lots of business people who have been paralyzed by temporary
setbacks. It's really a shame because it's so easy to deal with them by just
making sure to have a back-up plan ready.

2. Look for the best in a bad situation
Surprisingly often there is something good in everything bad that happens. When
one door closes, another one often opens if you just look. I've been through
this a thousand times and surely you have, too. Think about something that
happened in your life that seemed bad at first, but actually turned out to lead
to something even better. You will find lots of such things.

3. Do more of what you like and are good at (and not vice versa)
When you do something that makes you smile, it means that you are on the right
track. Simple and true. Notice what you have done one day when time just seemed
to disappear. How can you ensure that you get to do more stuff like that?

4. Don't “play office”
Mark Twain once said ”I've seen people die at 25, but are not buried until they're
75.”I love that quote because it's so true. Pour out your personality in what
you do and stand on the customer's side. Help them. Be kind to them. Dropping
the mask and allowing yourself to be that awesome person for those you work
with is a risk, but it's worth taking to avoid dying of “business face”(a
common ailment that almost imperceptibly, over time, far too many people who
have lost touch with their frisky “inner child ”usually are infected by).

Have fun! You know what I mean.

Some people I meet during the day make me very surprised. They
use almost only words with more than seven letters and always look very
serious. I try to imagine what they were like as a child and become a little
sad that they have come so far from that now because they think they have to
put on a certain mask and act in a certain way to be considered “a sensible
grown up” or a “serious businessman/woman”.

5. Surround yourself with ambitious people
If your boss is a negative bore maybe it's time for you to go somewhere else.
Consider this: Which person always makes you happy and full of energy? Can you spend
more time with that person? I'm a mature 46 year old and I have realized that
life is too short to be wasted on negative and destructive people. That's the
main thing I try to teach my children today.

6. Dream big, but also act big to fulfill the dream
Believe in your dream and do everything you can to fulfill it. Take small or
large steps every day to get closer to the dream and ask yourself this question
every morning:

“What can I do today to get closer to my dream?”

After work you, of course, ask yourself another question:

“What have I done today to get closer to my dream?”

7. Accept that you're human
I have to remind myself that all the time. I am, for example, allergic of the
thought of my customers not being satisfied. It makes me sick. I want everyone
to be happy with everything my company has to offer. But sometimes I screw up.
Sometimes someone else makes a mistake. It happens sometimes and it's
impossible to do everything right all the time. But you can actually apologize,
make it right and move on. The solution is simple: Apologize, fix it and move
I'll have to put this down in writing. You should too.

8. Choose what you read, hear and watch
The media's role today is largely to make us worried and upset. They are
speculative in their so-called news coverage and deliver sensational half lies
to get us to read, listen and watch. They hone in on our weakest sides (how we
want to be slimmer, happier, how to protect us from crime and other dangers) and
spare no trouble to get us to read, hear or watch.

Here's a challenge: Next time you read a newspaper or watch the
news on TV – find out what you actually got out of it. What felt good and
constructive? What felt like a complete waste of time? I usually give my
experiences ones and twos on a scale from 1 to 10.

9.”There are no problems, only solutions.”
I admit it - I get a slight shudder of discomfort to write such a cliché, but
it can't be avoided. That is the truth. Problem orientation is both dangerous,
plain and paralyzing. If you don't already do it now, you have to start
thinking about the solution immediately once you have encountered a problem.
This gives you your control, drive and desire back.

10. Don't work yourself to death
This is said from one workaholic to another. I work a lot, but I also play
a lot. My hobbies have shifted from motorcycles to training and right now it's
all about studying to get a navigation certificate. Hobbies give us a great
chance to avoid slamming into that horrible wall that is called burn out. Anyone
who plays a lot can also work a lot without it sacrificing his/her health.

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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