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10 marketing activities you can do right away

1. Take a good care of your customers
If you have a shop or other place where customers come, put out a bowl where they can put their business cards to get great deals by mail or email. You will of course make sure that it is possible to write down their contact information as well. Also offer a small gift in return for people's addresses or e-mail addresses.

2. Practice making an offer for an ad that fits your budget
Call the newspaper that you dream of advertising in, but that you suspect is too expensive. Ask what the ads costs. When you know the price, you should offer to advertise for half the price (or a third).
I want you to realize that this actually works and that ad prices are rarely fixed. This knowledge is good to have when you want to advertise. Also remember that advertising is always about long term results. One ad makes a terrible campaign just as one (1) swallow doesn't make a summer. Create a good working relationship with a magazine and you'll both win.   

3. Sow now and reap later
Write a letter to your best customers. The letter should not be about selling. It should just tell people something new about your business. If you think it's a waste of time and that you have other, more important things to do, just think about how you would react if a supplier sends a nice non-sales related letter to you. Pretty nice, isn't it? Why not send a lottery ticket to your best customers and make their day a little more fun? Your customers need to be reminded of you even when they're not actually buying stuff from you. Entrepreneurship and selling is like running a farm - you sow now and reap later.

4. Give your best customers an offer they can't resist - today
Consider an extraordinary offer that you can give to your best customers today and give it to them.
Do you still have a product in stock that is attractive, but is soon going to be replaced by a newer one? This could be a good deal. If you sell ads and have a residual place, people would appreciate getting a good deal on it and so on.
If you have a service that your customers don't know about, offer it to them. If you don't, invent it and offer it to your customers.

5. Reward yourself
Create a reward system for yourself to motivate you to get started with your activities. What is it that you want the most? Is it a weekend with your partner at some nice place? Is it a golf trip? Whatever it is, list your personal goals and decide to treat yourself with a reward when you reach those goals.

6. Book a domain name that is easier to remember
If you have a complicated domain name that are hard to remember, book a new one and let it point to your main domain. When someone types in the address bar, they will still end up at my main domain because of a so-called tapping catering. A tapping is that when you forward your phone to another number. You may need a new domain name for each product or idea you want to sell. A domain name that is easy to remember and that makes it easy to understand what you get if you go there is a great marketing tool. Which domains would you need to have in order to make your business more attractive?

7. Take care of your website
Make sure that your website contains content that interests your customers.
· If you sell kitchen utensils - insert tips on how to make them last longer.

· If you are an accountant, provide visitors with ten tips on deductions.
It doesn't matter what you do, there are always exciting things people want to know. Let us know more about your particular expertise.

8. Use your legs
When did you last take to the streets to hand out a flyer? It's good for your business, but it's also good for you. Especially if you, like me, are sitting down (horrible thought) all day. I hand out flyers for my books continuously. It'll provide me with exercise, but I also get the chance to meet other marketers.
”Handing out flyers is maybe not what my company is about”.
I read your mind there, right?
But why not? You have a company that has a mission. It's your job to make sure that everyone who wants to become your customers will know that you have a business. My business mission, for example, is to make small business owners happy with their marketing results. It also includes companies with no internet presence, but I still reach them in several ways, for instance by handing out flyers in the streets myself. By doing this, you'll also get a better picture of what the current playfield looks like.
Don't miss the chance to update yourself with a reality check.
There used to be a small coffee shop, situated near my house. They soon got in trouble because they didn't attract enough customers. I told the owner that they had to market themselves a lot better unless they were ready to call it a day and close their business. But nothing happened and the shop is now closed. It's really a shame that they didn't even bother to hand out a simple flyer in the area. Being a business owner is fantastic. It's both great fun and a great pain.
If you don't market yourself properly, you only make it harder than it needs to be.

9. Make your business attractive to the media
Take a moment to think about what is unique about your business. Then think about how you can make it so interesting that newspapers would want to write about it. If you suggest that there isn't anything interesting to tell, tell it anyway. There could be a lot of things that is interesting about your business and if you can't find it - create it (create doesn't mean lie). Make sure that you send out five letters next week to journalists that you really respect with a message that makes them say;”Is this really true”?

10. Read books on guerrilla entrepreneurs properly
Reading books on guerrilla entrepreneurs will make you sharpen your marketing without risking bankruptcy. I get loads of letters/emails every week from entrepreneurs who really use guerrilla marketing strategies and they make money, goodwill and they actually have more fun than before (ask me if I smile when I read the letters)). There are lots of stuff you can use straight away if you really want to become a guerrilla entrepreneur!

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Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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