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10 careers that you must master if you start your own business

As a solo entrepreneur, you are everything at your company and here is a list of careers you can look forward to as self-employed:

1. Manager - Boss - CEO (anyone who makes decisions)
It's up to you to take responsibility for everything. Long-term planning and daily work - it's you who have to take control of it all. It can be a very lonely position to have and it's great if you have some smart person to exchange ideas with during the trip.

2. Sales and Marketing
It's you who handle all the marketing strategies, write the marketing plans and keep the company's marketing efforts moving forward. You plan the next step for the company to get more customers and more importantly – you work hard to keep all the old customers.

3. Seller
It's you who meet the customers and tell them why they should buy your products or services. It's you who take care of complaints and settle any problems, you fix things that are possible and impossible, often at the same time, while you plan your time as a salesman and make visits to customers and potential future customers. It's you who call people who have never heard of you and your business and try to convince them to become your clients.

4. PR Manager
You are the one who makes sure that your business gets a positive buzz in other ways than just through ads and other things that cost money. You write press releases, call newspapers and talk about your company's news and find things that will create attention for your business.

5. Caretaker
You are the caretaker, replacing bulbs in your office and make sure that there are pens and paper for the printer at home. You might assemble bookshelves and fix a creaky office chair while you wonder if you ordered new toner for the printer or you if you have to run down to the store and get it before they close.

6. Finance
You take care of the company's accounting and financial planning. You make sure that there's a cash flow and that the customers are paying their bills on time.

7. Receptionist/Secretary
You print out letters, answer the phones and sort paper so everything will be found in its right place when you need access to information on customers, suppliers and others.

8. HR Manager
A very special job in your sole proprietorship. You take care of payrolls, special benefits for employees (you know who) and ensures that you motivate yourself so that you have fun and want to do a good job. You work in order to thrive and function in the company.

9. Office Manager
As Office Manager you plan the purchase of necessary equipment. You are the one who knows where to go when the computer breaks down, when the phones are not working or needs to be replaced. You are the one who knows the difference between ADSL and broadband and keep an eye on the suppliers that suits the company best.

10. Visionary
The future depends on you. You are the one who sets course with new ideas about what to produce in the form of products and services. You are the one that keeps the company up to date with trends and you make sure that you keep the company ahead of the competition by finding new trends - or perhaps even create them yourself.

You see - no wonder all sole entrepreneurs fall asleep so quickly every night!

About the author

Stefan Ekberg has worked in marketing for small business for 20 years and has written around 30 books on how small business owners can market themselves with limited resources. . In 2012 Stefan was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in Stockholm.

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